Probe: Stage 1, suspension and clutch

A seven day thrash complicated by illness and my day job has ended. The original suspension has been replaced by Tokico Illumina shocks with ground control coilovers, 500lb springs, and a new clutch.

The suspension was mandatory for what I’m going to be doing. The clutch was optional. I didn’t know the condition of the clutch that was in the car, and with intentions of upping the power considerably, even if the clutch was new, a stock replacement wasn’t going to be enough.

The thrash wasn’t as easy as just taking stuff apart. The list of “while I’m in there” wasn’t empty. In addition to the clutch and suspension, I replaced the control arms, the axles, all the swaybar links, the engine mounts, and the exhaust. One-off rear camber plates went in the back. Rusty parts tore during removal, requiring some creativity to repair. The exhaust didn’t come with a 10 inch section I had to make, and at the very end, the rusty tie rod ends wouldn’t come loose, so I’ll have to get it to an alignment shop to have them cut out and replaced along with an alignment. I also found a giant vacuum leak while I was working on it, so I’ll have to re-tune the engine again. Grrrr.

And instead of writing 1000 words, I made a video this time!  Enjoy!

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