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Hello! I’m a 45i year old IT professional in Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated from duPont Manual High School (MST/YPAS double major), attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly UM-Rolla), and eventually graduated from the University of Louisville’s College of Business and Public Administration.

I’ve worked in IT since 1994. I was a charter member of the Jefferson County Public Schools Student Technology Leadership Program, then moved on to corporate helpdesk and PC repair. After college, I got on board with Humana doing network administration. After that, I moved on to HP-UX and Linux work at Appriss Inc, finally landing back at Humana doing capacity planning and performance work on AIX systems.

Cars are a hobby I picked up after I got my first full time job in IT. Once I did computers for a living, I needed a new hobby.


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  1. Long time no see ! The last time I was in the GN it was blowing coal smoke out the vents in the YPAS Parking lot !

    I am not surprised you kept it all these years ! We should catch up ! I don’t have facebook and stuff, (other than to link to services which require it.) but Brad W knows how to contact me. Cheers.

  2. hi,
    i have an odd request.
    i have a 95 ford probe and my glove box got stuck (its unlocked, just the mechanism doesnt release the door). i have always been in the habit of overstuffing it with service records, cleaning supplies, etc, and this habit has now come for revenge. im not complaining, otherwise its been a good car to me and i to it, i am the original owner and have under 80k on it, so mainly silly (but oh so frustrating) issues like this so far.
    i found some photos online of the latch only (ebay, as a spare part) but still feel i need to see how it works inside the glove box to figure out which is the moving part that i need to aim for when i stick a wire in there to try to unjam it. would very much appreciate a photo of the latch, as installed, on the inside of your glove box door please if its not too much trouble. i like to be as prepared as possible before i play with things on my car and it is getting harder and harder to get info about them.
    thank you and i hope you have fun with your ford probe!

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