Doing the E-Dash thing, part II – Did it work?

Did it work?




Longer answer: Nooooooooo.

I took the car down to NCM for a big double weekend. The DriveAutoX event on the pad on Saturday, and an SCCA Time Trial regional on Sunday.

My E-dash didn’t survive the first autocross run. It would randomly reboot. The little Pi3 just couldn’t hack it. I substituted my actual laptop, and it worked all day long. I got GPS data from the little GPS receiver, and I was able to sync it with the video from the GoPro. It was wonderful.

So the concept is sound, but the application is going to require a small computer with fewer limitations than a Pi 3.

But since everybody likes eyecandy, here’s one of my afternoon pursuit runs. The GN made it to the semis!

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