Probe Parts finally here!

It happened. The new pistons for the Probe’s engine have finally arrived, and boy are they pretty.

Custom forged piston

These puppies are 85mm in diameter, 9.3:1 compression, forged aluminium copies of the OE piston. They feature improved quench areas and reinforced pin bosses. CP Carillo even sent back the rod and piston I sent them so they could model their design. I think I’ll turn it into a plaque or something.

I did drop these off at the machine shop, along with the connecting rods, new valve springs, and valve seals. Bell has the block cleaned up and ready for machining.

Clean block. The forged crankshaft is visible just behind it.

Now that the machine shop has all the necessary parts, they can size the bores and bore the block, touch up the deck, balance the rotating assembly, and rebuild the heads. Then I get to put it back together and get it back in the car.


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